Use this tool to discover the network latency across the hops in the path taken by a packet from a server hosted in the Linode Newark Network to your target system. The Traceroute Test will send 3 ICMP packets to each hop and measure the response time for the round trip.


Enter an IP address or host name to test


If you are familiar with the regular traceroute used on Windows operating systems (or Linux), you will notice that the output of this tool is slightly different. That is because it is using the mtr tool that is a standard package for most common Linux distributions.


For a brief introduction to mtr we will look at the first two paragraphs of the man page.

mtr combines the functionality of the traceroute and ping programs in a single net‐work diagnostic tool.

As mtr starts, it investigates the network connection between the host mtr runs on and HOSTNAME by sending packets with purposely low TTLs. It continues to send packets with low TTL, noting the response time of the intervening routers. This allows mtr to print the response percentage and response times of the internet route to HOSTNAME. A sudden increase in packet loss or response time is often an indication of a bad (or simply overloaded) link.

Linux Command Line (mtr)

What follows is the typical output from mtr as found in the Linux package. This tool sends many more packets than other tools sending multiple packets to each hop in order to gather accurate network data. This tool used an icmp traceroute while the following uses a UDP based traceroute.

neo@thematrix:~$ mtr --report
Start: 2020-06-18T17:36:14+1000
HOST: thematrix                    Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1.|-- my_gateway                 0.0%    10    0.9   0.7   0.6   0.9   0.1
  2.|--        0.0%    10   10.7  10.7  10.4  11.5   0.4
  3.|--        0.0%    10   10.9  10.8  10.5  10.9   0.1
  4.|--      0.0%    10   15.2  15.3  14.9  15.8   0.2
  5.|--              0.0%    10   15.1  17.1  14.8  34.7   6.2
  6.|--             0.0%    10   17.5  16.7  16.3  17.5   0.3
  7.|--            0.0%    10   16.4  16.3  16.0  17.2   0.3
  8.|--                 0.0%    10   15.4  15.0  14.7  15.4   0.2

Linux Command Line (tracepath)

Traceroute tools that use different methods to determine the TTL and the network response can have differing results. See the following tracepath that is using a UDP packet. After hop 4 it does not get any further results.

neo@thematrix:~$ tracepath -m 8
 1?: [LOCALHOST]                      pmtu 1492
 1:  dsldevice.lan                                         0.811ms 
 1:  dsldevice.lan                                         0.648ms 
 2:                             11.182ms 
 3:                                       11.164ms 
 4:                                     15.583ms 
 5:  no reply
 6:  no reply
 7:  no reply
 8:  no reply
     Too many hops: pmtu 1492
     Resume: pmtu 1492